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Promachus Rufipes

Red-footed Cannibalfly

During a long hike with my equipment on this hot August day, I was moving across a wide grassy area and this very loud Red-footed Cannibalfly went by my head. It was really loud and scared me a bit because it was moving so fast. I thought it was maybe some type of beetle or even a hummingbird, but then it landed within view and my hunt for a dragonfly was postponed.

This Red-footed Cannibalfly is rumored to get large enough to take down a hummingbird. This shot was taken about 1 mile from the US Olympic Whitewater Center in Charlotte, NC.

Notice how this particular specimen has already caught his dinner. They catch them in mid air and find a perch to consume their meal.

Dicranum Polysetum

This moss was growing at Renaissance Park on Tyvola Road in South Charlotte, North Carolina on November 14, 2009. I got soaked lying on my belly in the grass and mud on the side of a small stream in the middle of the woods. This photo was the last in a study I was working on for this plant.

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Argia Tibialis

July 18th 2009, I discovered and began photographing this male Blue-tipped Dancer at the US National White Water Center in Charlotte North Carolina. I was originally tracking down a sleeping Luna Moth during the afternoon, but came upon this guy (and his buddies) in the swamp. He was quite patient with me as I had set up a space around the spot he liked and (as is with the other damselflies and dragonflies I’ve shot) they tend to land in the same spots repeatedly. He is very small, maybe 1.5 inches in length. I was able to pick up his natural color, so no enhancement to his color was done after the shot.