From Naturalis

Photography of any type of shape, form or perspective.


On a set of bluffs during low tide, I managed to position myself on the rocks so I could get close enough to the water without getting wet or falling into the deep and dangerous water below. I found a spot where the water did not land due to the wind and the angle of the rocks. I settled in, secured the camera to my harness so I wouldn’t lose it in the water and started snapping away. The wind, noise of the water and the paranoia of a big wave coming in and grabbing me made it a very exciting shoot. The objective was to capture the crisp clear sea water bouncing through the air off these barnacle covered rocks. This shot is of the instant before the water crashes into the rocks. Of course the water is already frothy with excitement and the contrast is very exciting. To me it is a a dizzying display and shines like glitter. There is no material on the planet more destructive than water.